Mandala is the video born from the collaboration from the artist Mario Consiglio and Cristiano Cesolari. It was produced in an intense week of life shared. The result is a 2 minute loop video that can run forever.

Crisitano Cesolari is also the sound designer for the released version


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Serendip video art


THe second collaboration of Cristiano Cesolari with Mario Consiglio. This was also the first time Claudio Coccoluto joined the team, becoming all together the Psychonaut Trio. The video travelled a lot around and many feedback were received those are a selection of the most important exhibitions

▪ Contemporary art fair Palm Beach ed. 2005 (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)
▪ Art Miami ed. 2005 (Miami, U.S.A.)
▪ Museo Pecci (Prato), 10/09/2005
▪ Museo d’Arte Contemporanea (Napoli, IT), 10/09/2005
▪ Art Basel ed. 2005 (Basilea, CH)
▪ Animotions, Studio la Città (Verona, IT)
▪ Palazzo della Penna (Perugia, IT)
▪ “On The Road”, (Teramo, IT), ed. 2005
▪ Milano design fair
▪ 10° anniversary of Bazar Web (Rome, IT)
▪ “Clip it”, Fondation Sandretto ReBaudengo (Turin, IT)