I am a visual artist based in Berlin for the last 10 years. My works are made using  different supports such as: video, computer graphic, digital arts, mechatronics and music.

For the past ten years I made some big multimedia installations for the Vorspiel Transmediale Festival in Berlin and I am really happy from the response I got from the public.  Along the time I also had several collaborations with many artists which helped me a lot to shape new views and think about my works. Also I have been working regularly for the film industry for almost 20 years where I mainly contributed as a Computer Artist and I grew my tech skills into creating stunning visuals and visual effects: this helped me to both finance my art production and improve my technical knowledge.

Since the beginning of my career as an Artist I have always been attracted to digital media, I always looked for something that could be a new start for Art, something revolutionary. I have recently found new hints to my research and I believe that soon something will show up.

Stay tuned

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